Whether you use part or all of our offering for your property, the charge rate is set at 15% of the revenue you receive from AirBNB for the accommodation component. 

Note that AirBNB normally payout after the guest has stayed one night. We will invoice after the guest departs, so the funds will already be in your account.

Additional charges not covered by our 15% fee:
• Cleaning, linen and amenities (all or most is covered by guests’ fees. The exact cost will depend on the size of your property (numbers of beds, bathrooms etc)
• Meet and Greet of guests (This is $49 per guest booking. Note this is optional and you may decide it is not required)
• Guest welcome platters (rate varies based on your requirements)
• AirBNB set up costs (Starts at $250. If this is set up already, this charge does not apply. Ongoing updates made by us to your AirBNB listing are covered in our fees)

Holiday Home Cleaning

Our experienced team of cleaners will provide a great clean of your apartment or home each and every time.
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Property Management

We can fully manage your property via AirBNB; or provide a reduced service involving meet and greet, key handling, 24/7 access for guest and more
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Guest Amenities and Supplies

We produce our own range of soaps, shampoos and more through our GreenLime Living sister company.
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Quality Linen Service & Supply

We provide the highest quality diplay linen (sheets, towels etc) supplied on consignment from Princes Linen.
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